Seeing Stripes

*photo by Lorraine Daley of

Windy New York! I actually felt like a superhero with my coat floating as I was walking the streets of New York. Luckily, I was able to survive the gust of wind plus the freezing temperature. Wore thermals underneath like there's no tomorrow. I also made sure to pack hand and body warmers since I easily get cold. Finally got to use my Givenchy Antigona as well and it's matchy-matchy with my striped top from Asos. Not blinding right? I personally get dizzy with stripes especially when the lines are too close. But good thing the stripes on my look are easy to deal with. Gravitated towards minimalism on this look. I am obsessed with my coat from Zara and this is my first long black coat too. Such a classic winter staple and I feel such a legit New Yorker in this whole ensemble. God, I miss New York so much. I really can't wait to be back.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch jeans (*similar here and here)
5. J. Crew gloves
6. Givenchy mini Antigona (*similar here and here)
7. Christian Louboutin Antonio boots (*similar here and here)

New York, NY, USA

My New York City Closet

I miss playing dress up in  New York City. I remember while I was at the airport on my way to New York, the gentleman at Delta airlines was shocked on how my luggage's weight turned out. Haha but I'm sure there are lots of people who even carry 3 to 5 luggage with them. Crazily, I ended going home with two luggage. It was so much fun dressing up in cold cold New York. Can't wait to be back. 

New York, NY, USA

New York Bound

My off to New York look. I love airport dressing as I find it a challenge on how to look cute and stay comfortable while dealing with airport check-ins, security, connecting flights and etc. I also had to make sure to wear warm clothes since New York just had a snow storm days before I arrived. It was around 40 degrees when I got there and it was rainy. This look is definitely comfortable and I find it stylish at the same time. It gets cold at the airport especially when you're sitting for hours waiting for your next flight. One tip that I'd also like to share is that when traveling to cold places, always make sure to wear thermal underwear. In my case, I had to bring hand and foot warmers too. What is your go-to airport look?

2. J. Crew Outlet striped turtleneck (*similar here and here)
3. Zara biker jacket (*similar here and here)

New York, NY, USA