Pink Print

Palm trees, towering coconut trees, fern leaves, how tropical can that get? Oh to be in the hot and humid weather of Florida. As a result to an Instagram poll I did a few weeks back, I asked all of you folks whether I should start incorporating colors in my ootd's or not. And guess which side won? It's time to wear colours. I want a slow transition from an all black ensemble to slowly adding a hint of color to my outfits. Like for example this shirt that has an all black background with pink print on the details. Just exactly how I like it, minimal and not flashy. Subtle yet still screaming style. The shirt actually runs large especially the sleeves. Thanks to my sewing skills, I hand sewn the sleeves, made it shorter. I wish that Zara would actually carry men's XS sizes. Nevertheless, breezy and comfortable was the overall feeling. And to cover that jetlagged look, bring some aviators to rescue thyself. I got this pair of aviators from Quay Australia in collaboration with Desi Perkins.

3. Asos swim shorts

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA