Listening to ABBA's Dancing Queen as I am composing this post. Lately, I've been inspired by music especially Disco music. Good times! I feel like dancing to the rhythm and sway away with the fringe on my sweater. Sick of that plain jane, black, basic sweater? Spice it up with some woven patterns and if possible, fringe. It gives so much life to your outfit. The right amount of attitude will instantly transform your outfit of the day. Also, I get to debut my Balenciaga Ceinture boots aka my dream shoes ever since I was in high school. I got this as a Christmas present for thyself last Christmas. The boots also offered that extra spice for the whole ensemble. 

2. J. Crew Toothpick jeans (*another color here)

Throwback to that time I found myself wandering around Central Park. Wore my favorite sweater from Topshop and matched it with my coat from Zara. Just the perfect combination to keep me warm as I was frolicking around Central Park. The length of the coat was perfect too and it has real pockets which double as hand warmers. My trust issue is on a high level when pockets have faux pockets. I get that weird feeling when I can't put them to use. Functionality is always key. So basically, I spent most of my hours in Central Park. My sneakers from Saint Laurent are not so comfortable at first since it was my first time wearing it but then, later on, I got used to it. My new favorite jeans from Levi's has the perfect fit and length as well. I love that it shows a little skin on the ankle. Jeans with uneven hem, cropped and frayed is a favorite trend of mine lately.
1. Zara coat
2. Topshop stripe hem sweater
3. Marc Jacobs Haze shoulder bag