Patch Me

Sitting on the blocks hoping my white jeans won't get dirty. Safe to say, my jeans and I survived. Spring season is almost over so gone are the chilly days and everyone around me is just as excited as I am for Summer. This look has got to be one of my many favorites. Stepping out of my comfort zone through wearing an almost white on white ensemble, I never thought I could pull it off. But with the right pieces thrown together and attitude, fashion gods are most likely in favor. This look is so comfy I'm never wanting the spring season to end. This cozy sweater from Topshop is my ride or die paired with this pair of Levi's jeans. Tip: If your jeans are running a bit longer, add some pizzazz through folding the bottom part of the jeans outward. Subtle way to make your basic jeans trendy and stylish. Lo and behold my S/S'17 sneaker uniform care of Saint Laurent. I think the star details on the sneakers are so groovy. Even my workmates have this pair of shoes as their favorite. Comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Can't for summer weather though. Shorts and shirt season here I come.

2. Topshop sweater

New In: Chanel Lambskin Espadrilles

I cannot contain my excitement for these new babies as I will be wearing them for an upcoming cruise trip. Summer is once again here people. Ever since I was in high school I suppose, I have been attracted to these Chanel espadrilles and of course, being in school and with no job yet, lusting on them over the internet especially fashion blogs was the only way it can suffice of me wanting a pair. Way back when I visited New York City last February, one of my goals was to find and buy a pair. This was considered as a Valentine's Day present for thyself too. It was a struggle at first as I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and they do not have my size so the gentleman recommended the Chanel store in 57th street. I had to hurry my way since they were almost closing but gladly, they have the style and size that I needed. Mission accomplished! So excited for the summer days already.

New York, NY, USA

Espadrille Party

Shades of Grey

Shades of grey on my ootd while exploring Brooklyn. It was a beautiful day to explore the neighborhood. The weather was chilly but still thankfully, Mr. Sunshine showed up providing some warmth. It was one of those days when you just don't know what to wear so you just stare at your closet, pick pieces, pull them out of the hanger, wear them and wishing that it would look like you have your shi* together and a certain amount of effort is applied. Oh the joys of fashion. My feet were tired during the whole trip and I made sure I packed a good pair of sneakers. Thank God, this pair of Nike sneakers saved the unforgiving pain from nonstop walking. One should bring a comfortable choice of sneakers when visiting the Big Apple. Comfort is always key my friend.

1. Asos grey coat
2. Topshop oversized longline funnel neck sweater (*similar here and here)
4. Marc Jacobs bag
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Fringe With Benefits

Listening to ABBA's Dancing Queen as I am composing this post. Lately, I've been inspired by music especially Disco music. Good times! I feel like dancing to the rhythm and sway away with the fringe on my sweater. Sick of that plain jane, black, basic sweater? Spice it up with some woven patterns and if possible, fringe. It gives so much life to your outfit. The right amount of attitude will instantly transform your outfit of the day. Also, I get to debut my Balenciaga Ceinture boots aka my dream shoes ever since I was in high school. I got this as a Christmas present for thyself last Christmas. The boots also offered that extra spice for the whole ensemble. 

2. J. Crew Toothpick jeans (*another color here)

Central Park

Throwback to that time I found myself wandering around Central Park. Wore my favorite sweater from Topshop and matched it with my coat from Zara. Just the perfect combination to keep me warm as I was frolicking around Central Park. The length of the coat was perfect too and it has real pockets which double as hand warmers. My trust issue is on a high level when pockets have faux pockets. I get that weird feeling when I can't put them to use. Functionality is always key. So basically, I spent most of my hours in Central Park. My sneakers from Saint Laurent are not so comfortable at first since it was my first time wearing it but then, later on, I got used to it. My new favorite jeans from Levi's has the perfect fit and length as well. I love that it shows a little skin on the ankle. Jeans with uneven hem, cropped and frayed is a favorite trend of mine lately.
1. Zara coat
2. Topshop stripe hem sweater
3. Marc Jacobs Haze shoulder bag

Central Park, New York, NY 10024, USA