New In: Givenchy Antigona Mini Striped and Balenciaga Mini Papier A4

You only turn 21 once right, so why not make it remarkable? I asked myself. I only wanted one purse which is the one from Balenciaga but when I saw the other purse from Givenchy, I died a little! Shopping at was so addicting and they have so much pieces to choose from. Being torn between two lovers, can't help it but choose both. Two is better than one in some cases, right? Nothing wrong with treating yourself. As Beyoncé would sing, "I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it." Whatever makes your heart skip a beat, go for it! Thank me, life is short not to buy your favorite purse.

1. Givenchy Antigona mini striped (*love this one, this and this)
2. Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 (*another style here and here)

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Travel Diary

As I was brwosing through some photos and scanning through which ones to upload, I felt all the magic once again. Somebody take me back to St. Thomas pretty please? This cold weather makes me miss the tropics so bad wishing I was basking under the sun, toes on the sand and enjoying every breathtaking moment. Charlotte Amalie was indeed a stunner. I was even amazed how there's an aiport near the beach where we went. It was such a breeze being there.

Where To Go and What To Do:
 Like what we did during our Bahamas trip, we did join a tour with other tourists as well. Hopped on the jeepney, enjoyed the tropical breeze as the tour guide drives us to the wonderful sceneries of Charlotte Amalie. He took us to places to I couldn't remember the names. He also took us to this souvenir shop where you can get a panoramic view of Magens Bay, Hans Lollick, Little Tobago, Great Tobago and etc. I remember we looked like we were having a history class during that time. The others were souvenir shopping, enjoying a cold drink in their hand while the others were snapping everything worth snapping.

Garden Street. Charlotte Amalie has a lot of jewlery boutiques to shop at. I was amazed how colorful the streets and the amount of jewelry stores are there. It was one of my favorite part of the tour. We didn't really get to spend a lot of time because we saved our jewelry shopping at St. Kitts and we were too excited for beach time.

Lindberg Beach. Last stop was Lindberg Beach. It wasn't too crowded at all which was a good thing. The fine sand and clear waters were too good for words. You can rent a jet ski if you wish. Had a hard time getting underwater shots though because the waves were a little to extra during that time. Don't forget your driver to pick you up at a certain before the boat leaves you. Lol!
Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas 00802, USVI