Florida For A Day

Touchdown Florida! Already having separation anxiety as I go through tons of photos during my vacation. Spent a day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida before our cruise. I knew that it's gonna be humid in Florida so I double checked my airport dressing. Also, checked the weather ahead of time and it showed that Ft. Lauderdale's gonna be gloomy. Wore something light and comfortable, enough to cope up with the hustle and bustle of airports. Welcomed with torrential downpour and thunderstorms with no appropriate rain gear, ended up with minimal explorations in the city. Thank you Florida, it was short and sweet.

1.Dior So Real sunglasses (*another version here and here)
2. Anarchy Street slice necklace (*use discount code HANZ20 at checkout for some $$ off)
3. ASOS striped viscose shirt
4. Only & Sons skinny jeans with rips
5. Zara shoes

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

What I'm Packing: Cruising To The Eastern Caribbean

I can't contain my excitement. In a few days, we'll be flying to Florida and go on a cruise to Eastern Caribbean. It is my first out of town trip ever since I moved to the United States and it will be my first experience cruising as well. I have never been this excited packing. Can't wait for my summer adventure. Brb, have to finish packing.

New In: Givenchy Paris Slides

Finally got my feet a new pair of slides. I have been looking for this specific style from Givenchy and it seems to be all sold out everywhere and the next restocking would be in September. I still had my hopes high and never gave up until I found one. Guess what? It's my size too! Farfetch.com saved my life. They had one all the way from Italy and without any doubt, had to order one and finally got my feet happy.