What's In My Bag

It's been a long time since my last YouTube upload and this time, I was feeling creative and productive so I did a What's In My Bag (Balenciaga Mini Papier A4) video. I had so much fun filming this video and especially the editing part. Would love to know what you carry on your purse on a daily basis and if you love Kit Kat as well. ROFL. Kidding aside, check out the video and hope you enjoy. Would appreciate that thumbs up button and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! It's free.
Featured items:
1. Kit Kat (*my ultimate fave)
2. Top Care hand sanitizer
4. Kleenex
5. My Charge power bank
9. iPhone 6 (*love these cases: bit.ly/2cWQfO3, bit.ly/2d2MYyB and this bit.ly/2cM3HtA)
10. Coldplay concert memorabilias

Currently Obsessed: Top 10 Black Purses

Ever since I got myself purses for my 21st birthday, I've been obsessing more on some already and can't help it but drool and wish I have all the moolah in the world to buy every single purse. If only they don't cost a whole month of rent, I'm sure every purse lovers would be unapologetically filling their carts and happily check out. What's your favorite purse and why? Comment down below and let me know. 

Beach, Please


First stop from our cruise, Nassau, Bahamas. Finally felt how being in the tropics is like. 90 degree weather plus the humidity greeted me once again. Made sure I wore comfortable pieces during our trip to Bahamas as so much touristy things were done in just a short span of time. My viscose top from Asos was definitely one of my favorite pieces that I packed during my trip although when I opened my suitcase, it got really wrinkly but thank God for the dry cleaning service in the ship. It's very lightweight enough for my skin to breath yet it's stylish as well. My canvas tote from THPSHOP came in so handy as I had so many stuff and everything fits well in this tote. I brought 3 cameras and surprisingly, it all fits. And to conceal that I-havent-slept-for-hours look, got this sunglasses from H&M which is now my everyday sunglasses. I wear it to work and days where I run and hike. Love dressing up for the summer.

1. Zara fedora
2. Asos viscose shirt with tie
3. Asos shorts
4. Thpshop merci tote
5. Zara sandals
6. H&M sunglasses
7. Bracelets from the souvenir shop

Nassau, The Bahamas