Ombre / Dyed Hair Tutorial

Hello guys! 2 days left and Sinulog is almost here. But starting from this week, I can already feel the Sinulog vibe from the streets, the music being played at restaurants, tweets and many more which made every 4 million people more excited to come and witness the grandest festival in the Queen City of The South, my hometown, Cebu! I can already see banderitas and busy streets. Since Sinulog is also a colorful celebration, why not try to get out of the box and give yourselves a new look since it's already 2013 as well. In this post, I'm going to teach you how Dye / Ombre-fy your own hair.

Materials needed: Hair dye of your choice. In my case I chose green. You can also have bleach if you want the color to pop out more.
Gloves and an old toothbrush and tupperware for mixing.
Clips to make your hair secure and stay in place.
1st step (bleaching hair): Prep your hair. Comb it, make sure it's dry. You can wear an old shirt that you'll never be wearing again since you don't want your shirt to be damaged by the bleach. You can also place and old plastic bag or rag on the floor to keep the tiles / floor from the bleach / dye which may destroy the color of your tiles.
2nd step: Use a protective cloth and wrap it around your back. Then you can start bleaching your hair. If you're having a hard time, please do ask assistance. You don't want yourself to be hassled which can lead to uneven bleaching. Then leave it to 30-45 minutes. After, you can now wash it with water and shampoo then rinse. 

3rd step: (coloring your hair): If you want to dye your hair with your chosen color, make sure your hair (after bleaching), is already dry. Then you may now apply your hair color and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Then, you can wash your hair with water and shampoo then rinse.
And Voila! Don't you just love it? Why still go to expensive salons when you can try it at home? Talking about practicality here. The cheaper the better and it's 100% safe!
After blowdrying your hair, you can style it. For this look, I curled her hair to have a sexy feel about her bleached hair. This hair looks so good in summer especially when in the beach. Reminds me of those tumblr photos of girls in beaches. Now I'm excited for summer!
Remember your hair is your crowning glory. As long as you love your hair and be satisfied with it then you can feel confident about it! I feel like I'm on YouTube doing all those tutorials. Haha! LOL! You can always use leave-on conditioner or any other hair treatment to keep your hair looking sexy and fierce.
And now, my look! It's my first time to bleach and color my virgin hair. What do you think about it? Since I found blue to mainstream, I opted for green instead. I call this look, Moss. Kate Moss! Harhar! Can't wait guys for you to try it. Remember, always condition your hair for it to be healthy and not brittle-y and dull looking.