Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Before catching my flight, I made sure to spend some time at The Broad. Finally, after our second attempt, we finally got tickets. We waited in line and started early which was totally worth it. The Broad was the only museum to host Yayoi Kusama's exhibit in California so while I was in LA, I made sure to experience it and I am beyond glad I did. I encourage you to go see and experience the beautiful installations.

For more information about the artist and her work, click HERE!
221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA

Sucker For Sunset

Easily considered as one of my favorite places, Venice and Santa Monica always deliver with the best eternal summer vibe no matter what time of the year. The golden hour is my favorite moment. The place being sun-soaked and the birds dancing in the sky and as the palm trees wave makes it even more charming and alive. Nothing gets me more excited than being at the beach. Coming from the tropics and moving to the mountains, can't help but crave for the sea. Delighted that I squeezed time to visit Venice and Santa Monica during my trip. Ended the night in Santa Monica Pier and had Japadog for dinner with the wonderful view of the Ferris wheel. Short and intimate time matters.
Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Pardon me for such a slacker. I've been pretty busy with work lately and I've been spending time on myself during my days off. What a wonderful feeling to be away from the computer. I actually miss traveling. Writing this post helps me remember all the good times when I was in Los Angeles. Your LA trip wouldn't be complete without visiting Hollywood. It is my second time here and the energy still amazes me. Everytime I'm in LA, Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus always play in my head. Can't help it!

Let's talk about my outfit now. I am in loooooove with this sweater that I got from Zara. The embroidery on this one is amazeballs. It was quite chilly during the day so this sweater has the perfect coverage for the weather. And the usual Hanz style, black skinny jeans is EVERYTHING! This one from JCrew is my absolute favorite pair that I have. The fit is perfect, the length is perfect. It's just EVERYTHING! And for that extra attitude, finishing my look with a badass footwear. The pair of boots that I'm wearing is from Balenciaga. It is such a major pain since the size is too small. Thanks to the magic of shoe stretchers, it kind of fits me. No pain no gain right?

What's your favorite thing to do when visiting LA? Let me know. Can't wait to visit La La Land next time.

1. Celine Tilda sunglasses
2. Zara sweater
3. J.Crew Toothpick jeans
4. Balenciaga Ceinture boots 

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Urban Light

A warm, beautiful welcome from the infamous Urban Light by Chris Burden right at the entrance of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A throwback to the Fall season in Los Angeles but still basking in that beautiful sunshine. Wishing my Spring '18 consists of warmer temperatures and not having to wear thick clothing anymore. It is currently 36 degrees as I am writing this post so I'm pretty sure you're convinced that it's pretty much still, Winter where I am residing. Can't complain. It literally snowed the other day while I was running and it was such a pretty sight to see. I like the snow but the cold, nah ah!

Mornings in L.A. during my visit was pretty chilly. This Topman denim jacket literally saved me from freezing especially during the night. A friend of mine and I decided to hit the beach to end the day and it was pretty much breezy. Also to avoid serving a basic look, the denim jacket was definitely the finishing flavor for the whole ensemble. And when the temperature went up during the afternoon, I just draped it over the shoulder so my skin can still breath. Still feeling comfortable and still in style. Love a denim jacket moment!

1. Celine Tilda sunglasses
2. Topman denim jacket
3. Shop Sincerely Jules t-shirt
4. J.Crew Toothpick jeans
5. Saint Laurent Court Classic sneakers

5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA