Labadee, Haiti Travel Diary

The last stop of our cruise was at a private resort called, Labadee, Haiti. As a matter of fact this was leased to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. We were greeted by a wonderful performance from the locals and it was such an awesome experience.

Where To Go and What To Do:
This village has a lot of activities packed for you. You can't really do traveling and exploring in this private island. Activities such as zipline and watersports are available. You can also take a dip in the beaches. Be really careful when going to the beach though since it's very rocky. A rock even bruised my knee at the beach and it's so hard to walk especially when you don't have water shoes on.
Flea Markets are abundant in the village. If you are interested in souvenir shopping, various shops are visible around every bend. I also scored a $5 stone from one of the shops. Such a great deal. The people are very friendly around the town as well.
Labadie, Haiti

Oh Darling

Oh, darling let's explore the world! Pretty much for this trip, the easy dressing has been my go to look. A t-shirt and swim shorts helped me get through the hot summer day in Haiti. I have been obsessed with statement tees from Shop Sincerely Jules because they are so comfortable and cute. They just had their summer sale and I bought a few pieces because they're just so good. To spice up that look, I accessorized with a bandana, my current favorite sunglasses and my new favorite fedora from Lack of Color. To complete the look, I wore the comfiest footwear from Soludos. What's your go to summer look? I am eager to know.

1. Lack of Color The Prism fedora
2. Quay Australia x Desi Perkins High Key aviators (*other colors here and here)
3. Urban Outfitters bandana (*similar here and here)
4. Shop Sincerely Jules Oh Darling tee
5. Asos swim shorts
6. Soludos espadrilles

Labadie, Haiti


22 years of existence. Beyond grateful for another year of magic. I am so amazed how time flies so fast. One day you're 10 giving zero damn about anything and the next time, you woke up 22 and hustling a full-time job with the hopes of conquering the world. Having a long list of things to be thankful for every day, I consider myself blessed. Thankful for the constant love of my family, thankful for friends, good health and the roof above me.

 This year, I despised the materialistic me for my birthday gift. No designer shoes or handbags. Instead, I booked a trip to Tulum, Mexico at the end of August for another life experience. I find traveling alone to be liberating, as it gives you the time to decide for yourself and no one else. A time to explore more horizons not just geographically but also in yourself. As I mature through the passing days, I get to know myself a little more, discover my heart's truest desires, giving greater value for presence over presents, self-love and fueling the constant crave for peace, joy, and contentment. 

Life is indeed a beautiful winding road. Live it to the fullest! Love and let it be! xo
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

San Juan, Puerto Rico Travel Diary

The second stop of our cruise is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Be prepared for a wonderful world of colorful infrastructures and cobblestone streets of Old Town, San Juan and the Miami, Florida vibe which is New Town, San Juan.

Where To Go and What To Do:
Old Town, San Juan. Colorful, instagrammable buildings are highly evident in Old Town. Wandering through the colorfuls alleys of Old Town and stepping through cobblestone streets makes you realize you are in another cultural landscape. It felt like you were in a different era. With the old buildings, it just proves that some things just get better with age. Old Town definitely is my vibe.

Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery. Our tour guide showed us the cemetery with an overlooking view of the ocean. The road was so tight to get there, like only one car can pass at a time but thankfully we were able to come and go easily. It is situated below Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Picturesque castle. We waited a few minutes for the castle to open. There's an entrace fee of $5. Prepare an exact amount especially when the castle just opened. One of the highlights of our Puerto Rico visit. You get to have a wonderful view of the ocean. Bad news, I wasn't able to find my prince in this castle. Lol.

New Town, San Juan. Just a few minutes away from Old Town, our tour guide showed us the New Town of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It felt like you are in the United States, Florida to be exact. We stopped by at a beach, took pictures and had to come back. 
San Juan, Puerto Rico