I have so many backlogs and it's kind of freaking me out. Bad blogger I know. Forgive me. Haha! This was taken months back during my cruise and I'm warning you ahead, my blog will still be filled with cruise posts. I am trying to keep up but I've been so busy with work lately. Anyhoo, another touristy day was ahead of us at Charlotte Amalie. Comfy clothes can always be stylish anytime. For this look, I wrapped a bandana around my neck for that extra pizzazz and instantly, it looks like you've tried hard for your outfit. Simple and stylish at the same time. Plus this shorts from Asos is one of my favorites ever. Perfect length and it's so comfy.

Forever 21 v-neck t-shirt

With fall season here and winter fast approaching, my friends, it is that time of the year to bundle up. If you are looking for new pieces for your wardrobe, I curated this collage with pieces all available from StyleWe.com and I personally consider them my absolute favorites. From bomber jackets to trenchcoats, StyleWe.com has all the things I'm eyeing on. You can select different pieces from various designers from the website which is always a good thing. Definitely a one stop shop which makes shopping easier for you. Monochromatic looks will always be my favorite no matter what season it is. Never fails me and it's easy to pair with.

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Greeted with the most beautiful sunrise my eyes have ever laid on and the smell of the ocean breeze,  I was beyond excited to be stepping in another beautiful place that I've never been to. Mastered the art of waking up early during our cruise. Catching the sunrise while having breakfast was an experience I would ever relive over and over again. That moment, I swear was indeed so magical I pinched myself as we approached the port of Nassau. Nassau was truly a magical place for me. With the personalities of the locals that are as vibrant as the colorful buildings and the souvenirs you find, without any doubt I have to agree why the Bahamians are dubbed as the warmest people. Nassau is rich in culture and the people are so friendly there's no reason why I would not consider coming back. With the crystal clear waters, fine sand and towering coconut trees, every moment and every bend is picturesque. Sadly, as I was about to take a picture of the beach with my Polaroid, my camera decided to give up on me. But what's for me to do? Take pictures with the rest of my cameras (may have brought with me 4 cameras). Lol! Such a boy scout right? #prepared

Where to go and what to do: 
 The moment you arrive at the port, there are tour guides waiting for you for tour packages. Since we avoided excursions, we took that option. The tour takes about 1-2 hours depending on how you negotiate things then we just ask the diver to drop us at the beach nearest to the port. Being in Nassau for a limited time, we made sure to enjoy every moment and immerse in the beautiful, pristine beaches.

Atlantis Hotel and Casino. Spent a very limited time exploring. Did a quick stroll and took some pictures. They have designer boutiques as well.  

Queen's Staircase. Located in Downtown Nassau. Also known as the 66 steps. Built by slaves. Covered with lush greens as you take the steps, it reminds you like you're in a jungle. Truly one with nature. We also had our souvenir shopping near the area. I recommend shopping the souvenir stalls along the streets. They have amazing items and sometimes they would give you discount but I hesitated since the items are already affordable.

Junkanoo Beach. Last stop. Public beach with crystal clear waters and fine sand. Locals would offer you umbrellas and chairs for shade for a certain price and they offer you complimentary drinks as well. You can also bring your own beach towel, lay it on the ground, bathe under the Bahamian sun and call it a day. Don't forget your sunscreen and take lots of photos.

If you want to keep a remembrance of the Bahamian dollars, I recommend you going to bigger souvenir shops. They offer exchange of US dollar to Bahamian dollar for free. Fact: 1 US dollar is equivalent to 1 Bahamian dollar.

Fall is here and definitely missing the summer.  One thing I'm gonna miss about summer is wearing just a light layer of clothing and that would suffice the battle against the heatwave. With fall season paving its way, 60 degrees is upon us especially were I live and when that temperature drops to 40 degrees during the night, it just calls for layers a.k.a. the jacket season. Not complaining though, gotta love the leather weather. For summer, I always love the basics. A simple white statement shirt would be stylish enough when you pair it with ripped jeans. Ripped jeans helps add that attitude to a plain and easy ensemble. Whether I'm going for a run, doing groceries or just a trip to the post office, a white shirt is always my go to item. For a night out, drape a leather jacket on your shoulders and in an instant, hot chic alert! Gotta love a statement shirt. It's easy to pair and never fails to provide comfort.