Welcoming two new beautiful children to my purse collection. Originally fell for the 'Haze' shoulder bag as I was online shopping but the second my eyes saw the 'Recruit Chipped Studs', my heart skipped a beat as I added it to my cart as well. Couldn't decide which one to get so, I had to get both. In this case, two is always better than one. 

I have to totally agree with John Wildsmith. According to him, you are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both. Who doesn't love a good pair of sneakers? I just got number 6 and number 8. Also got number 1 in all black. Flip flops would be the most comfortable footwear to me. But year round, sneakers always saves the day. What's your favorite pair and why? Would love to know.

2. Nike 'Roshe Run' (*another color here and another style here)
6. Saint Laurent 'Court Classic' sneakers (*another version here, women's version here, and here)

A new year is unfolding. 365 new days, 365 new chances. I hope you all have a healthy new year. May this year bring you all the joy and love you deserve. Always count your blessings and spread love all throughout. May this year be an epic year for you and may all your dreams turn into reality and your wishes be granted. See you through my journey this year! Have a lovely!
Hello from this real life snow globe. Merry Christmas to one and all. Hope you all had a blast. Remember, He is the reason for the season.
Finally my last oufit post during my cruise trip. Print on print, a trend that I've never done before. I believe it can be tricky but if done well, everything will turn out right. Balance, I think, is key to perfect the print on print ensemble. Since I'm playing it safe, I opted for a monochromatic print. Both loud prints but yet not a pain in the eye to look at. My shirts runs big although it's in a size XS, I just tucked the front part to avoid looking like a dress on me and you can still see the print of my shorts. Still feeling easy breezy with this outfit.