Falling For You

Fall might be my favorite season when it comes to dressing up. I like the fact that it's not too hot or not too cold, just the perfect temperature and the ease and comfort of dressing is still evident. For the afternoon when the sun is up, visible and shining your way, throw on a flannel of your choice. A tartan or plaid patterned shirt will suffice and this trend just screams fall.  In my case, this shirt that I got from H&M is pretty lightweight. Fleece would still be hot for the weather. If you want that loose effect on you, try getting a size extra bigger for that jacket or cardigan moment. And when the night hits and it gets a little chilly, throw on a jacket. A bomber jacket would be a good option. I got this denim jacket from Topman and it just completes the attitude of this entire ensemble and it gave me enough coverage that I wanted during the night. You can totally wrap this jacket around your waist during the warm daytime and it's still stylish a look.

Also, trying to relive my love for ripped jeans and this pair that I have from Asos is one of my favorites. It's so comfy and affordable too. I need to get me some pair of ripped jeans since my size just went down. Thank goodness for belts for literally saving a fashion mayhem. 

2. Celine Tilda sunglasses
3. Asos cross necklace
4. Zara t-shirt
5. H&M checkered shirt
6. Asos ripped jeans

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121, USA

Abort Mission

Another hiking day in the beautiful mountains of Utah. This time, we were planning to see Cecret Lake. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it. The maps on Camille's phone were acting kind of weird due to the poor cellular service. Also, the trails were kind of hard to distinguish since they were covered with snow. With the wrong pair of footwear, it was indeed a struggle since the trails were muddy too. We tried and tried and searched for the lake but the heavens weren't in favor with us that day. So we decided to abort the mission and just head to KFC to feed our hungry selves. Ladies and gentlemen, the struggle was indeed real. But at least we still get to see the beautiful mountains though. Gorgeous weather too. The journey was indeed a fun one.

1. Celine sunglasses
2. H&M sweater
3. Abercrombie & Fitch jacket
4. Adidas leggings 
5. Nike Free Flyknit 4.0
Utah, USA

Dream Often

Snow in September? Groundbreaking. A friend of mine and I went hiking to see the beautiful lakes of Utah. After I got back from Mexico, I was greeted with snow covered mountains and chilly weather. Winter came in too early we told ourselves. We were on the hunt for the three beautiful lakes, Lake Mary, Lake Catherine and Lake Martha. Beautiful and unique in their very own ways. Totally worth the hike and the chilly weather. I really don't get to explore much in Utah since I am mostly busy with work but when I get a chance, I try to explore as much as possible and I'm glad I went with my dearest friend Camille. It's always a fun time hanging out with her. Looking forward to another trip with her.

3. Nike leggings

Lake Mary, Utah 84121, USA

Babes Unite

A throwback to fall season when a leather jacket and a t-shirt is enough to keep you warm. I'm still catching up on posts since I have been busy. Can't wait to get caught up on all my blog posts. Anyhoo, how have you all been doing? Are you excited for the warmer weather? Cos I definitely am. Winter just needs to be done cos I am tired of all the layers of clothing just to stay warm. 

Here I go again with an all black ensemble and won't be apologizing for it. Kidding aside, I love this t-shirt from Topshop as it brings spice to a simple, plain t-shirt with a saying - Babes Unite. An instant ultimate cool kid on the block, no? And can we talk about my second pair of this skinny jeans from J Crew? My other one got ripped and I got so upset. I had to get another pair and in a different color since the fit of this pair is just amazing and comfortable too. It might be my favorite pair that I have in my closet too.

Also, had to bring out these bad ass booties that I own from Balenciaga. This pair just makes me feel like a baddie because the shoes look edgy and fierce like no one better mess with me or else... Haha a friend of mine even told me I look like I'm going for a battle with this boots. If you guys are interested in shopping similar items in this look, I posted items below ready for you to shop. Enjoy!

1. Celine Tilda sunglasses
2. Asos necklace
4. J.Crew Toothpick skinny jeans

Salt Lake City, UT, USA